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René Cabrera Arroyo

“We offer in depth cultural experiences in small groups.”

René Cabrera Arroyo, a certified tour guide from Oaxaca City, leads our private tours at Casa de Las Bugambilias B&B. He has lived and traveled in many places in Mexico and the USA, and speaks fluent Spanish and English. He has learned hands-on about the local indigenous cultures, food and history of Oaxaca. He has a great relationship with local artisans as well as a knack for presenting information in a captivating way. He is constantly looking for different places and new craftsmen to make his tours more interesting and unique. René will make sure you are always provided with the best possible service.

Contact René to:

  • Arrange private and shared tours to all major sites.
  • Customize your own private tours according to your interests and time.
  • Visit villages with black pottery, textiles, rug-weaving, and wooden carvings.
  • Tour to all the archeological sites like Monte Albán, Atzompa, Mitla, Yágul, Lambityeco & Zaachila.
  • Explore all of Oaxaca’s indigenous markets.
  • Learn about Oaxacan mezcal culture, production, and traditions.
  • Experience the traditional celebrations of Day of Dead, Christmas, & Easter.

Tour 1

Monte Alban

Half-Day Tour (4 Hours)
Declared a World Heritage Site, Monte Albán was one of the most important cities in ancient Mesoamerica. During its peak, the city of Monte Albán housed a population of 35,000 people

Tour 2


Full-Day Tour (8 Hours)
Mitla is one of the Pre-Columbian sites that represents the Mesoamerican belief that death was the most consequential part of life after birth. It was built as a gateway between the world of the living and the world of the dead.


Tour 3

Hierve el Agua

Full-Day Tour (8 Hours)
Hierve el Agua is a set of natural rock formations in the state of Oaxaca that resemble cascades of water. These cascades are created by natural water springs, whose water is over saturated with calcium carbonate and other minerals like barium, iron and silver.

Tour 4

Mezcal Distillery Tour

6-8 Hours
Spend the day learning about mezcal culture, production, and traditions. Santiago Matatlán is a small village with a large sign above its main entrance declaring it the “World Capital of Mezcal”. Oaxaca is the center of the mezcal world, as about 85% of mezcals are made in Oaxaca.

Tour 5

The Magic Route of Handcrafts

Full-Day Tour (8 Hours)
In this tour, we will visit a traditional market and workshops, to learn about the handcrafted products from this region such as black pottery, wooden carvings, textiles made on backstrap looms and fine embroidery made by hand.

Tour 6

Tlacolula Market

Full-Day Tour – 8 Hours
Tlacolula market is awash with fantastic food, flowers, handcrafts, plants, dried chilies, seeds and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Many indigenous people from the surrounding villages come to buy and sell at Tlacolula market on Sundays.

Tour 7

Dominican Route

Full-Day Tour (8 Hours)
In this tour, we will visit the majestic temples of Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán, San Pedro & San Pablo Teposcolula and San Juan Bautista Coixtlahuaca built by the Dominicans friars in the Mixtec Region at the middle of the XVI Century.

Tour 8


Full-Day Tour (8 Hours)
San Antonio Cuajimoloyas is one of the most beautiful communities in the North Sierra located at the highest altitude with 10,498 feet above sea level. With magnificent natural landscapes that make it an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding while enjoying the stunning views of the mountains.

Custom Tours

We provide customizable private tours, especially for you! Contact us today for more information or questions.

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This is what our clients are talking about us.

This is the tour we decided to do for our curious and thirsty jaunt around mezcal country, and it did not disappoint! René… is attentive, down-to-earth, and well-versed in the realm of mezcal. He will teach you everything you need to know about the agave spirit!

Nomad, writer, cat mom, Bucketlist Bri

…My favorite tour guide in Oaxaca – René from Las Bugambilias Tours. He previously took me on a tour to visit the most talented and impressive traditional weavers in the area – so I knew he would be the right person to ask to find the most special and interesting mezcal distilleries as well

Fashion designer NY, Brooklyn Tropicali

Don René, of Las Bugambilias Tours tells me, “My goal with each tour is for clients to walk away with a foundation of knowledge in both the local culture of Oaxaca and Mezcal. I want people to experience the hard work and love that goes into the process of distilling Mezcal and to see why we’re very proud of this local tradition.”

David Cruz

Photographer, Synthetic Color

I took a day trip from Oaxaca City to Santiago Matatlán to learn more about my favorite Agave spirit – Mezcal. Here’s my recap of the Mezcal Distillery Tour with Los Bugambilias Tours.
Raquel Saymone

Travel, Food & Art Describer., Black Girl Meets World.

Rene is a very knowledgeable tour guide. He will take you to the best spots in Oaxaca, off-the-beaten-path, and you will have the opportunity to meet world renowned artisans whose work will blow your mind…
Nikhol Esteras Roberts

Photographer, Nikhol Photography

Rene is fabulous, knows the best places to visit and restaurants to eat in. He and his family at Las Bugambilias really know how to take care of you, treating you like one of the family. Highly recommend.
Kathie J. Vezzani

Artist and Workshop Organizer, Bellissima Art Escapes

I have been taking people to Mexico for over 25 years, I highly recommend Rene and his family for tours in Oaxaca and staying at their B&Bs. They are like family to me and are very special people.
Marilyn Tausend

Owner, Culinary Aventures, Inc.

Unless you speak fluent Spanish and are willing to invest hours of research, the best way to tour Oaxaca’s mescal distilleries is to hire an experienced guide…There are many other mezcal tour operators out there, but these are the ones I trust.
Mattie John Bamman

Writer and Editor, Ravenous Farmer

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